Wildlife Alert!

As a number of you have noticed, we have quite a few foxes in the neighborhood. It’s mating season. We also have some coyotes. Our Village Manager talked with someone at the Department of Natural Resources who advised her that foxes are nocturnal hunters and that owners of small pets (dogs and cats) should be wary of letting their animals out at night without being there to watch for their welfare. Similarly, DNR urged those with even medium size pets to be wary of coyotes.

Make sure your trash cans are secured because foxes will try and get into them if open as it’s cold and they are hungry.  There are no publicly available resources for us to capture these animals on private property–neither the state nor the county will come for animals on private property. And fences, well, they are pretty much useless in keeping them out.  If you see these animals– even raccoons during the day, more than likely, the official from DNR said, they are not rabid, merely hungry. Rabid animals act sick and it’s pretty obvious–they move slowly, they do not act like a normal version of their species. Potentially rabid animals should be reported to DNR. But if you see raccoons and foxes during they day, more than likely they are just hungry. Please do not feed them and get them used to humans providing for them!