Latest crime alert

There has been an uptick in forced entry break-ins in the area. Most of them have occurred in the Town of Chevy Chase: 7400 block of Meadow Lane; 6900 block of Ridgewood; 4300 block of Leland St. (broke open door which activated residential burglar alarm so nothing taken there); 7400 block of Ridgewood; and then closer to home, 7300 block of Pinehurst Parkway.

Many items were taken and in one case the place was ransacked. No burglaries have taken place in Section 3 but uncomfortably close…hence this alert.

Andy Harney  talked to Captain Falcinelli of the 2nd District Police Station responsible for our area and he says they have no leads as of this moment, but the fact that all of these burglaries were forced entry break-ins is disturbing.

So, please be aware, if you see someone suspicious, pick up the phone and call 911 and report a suspicious person. Keep doors and windows locked and cars locked!